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To be passionate and take pride in our trade.
To craft with excellence in mind.
To excite and captivate through creative design.


  Hidden Pine is a creative branding and design agency based in the Rockies.  As a creative problem solver, we offer an individual based design aesthetic that is created with excellence and our partners needs in mind.  Everything we create has a distinctiveness that is unique to each of our partners.

  Hidden Pine was created on our passion for creativity and love for adventure.  We tirelessly strive to better our environment and our community visually and physically.  The goal for our partners creative journey is to create designs and experiences that are both unique and memorable.

  We believe our drive and passion to better our environment sets us apart from other agencies.  We always go that extra mile to make sure our partners are getting exactly what they need.  We believe that open communication is key to creating long lasting bonds with our partners.  We strive to make the design process as headache free as possible by putting your brand at the center. Our goal is not to create and move on to the next thing, but to be apart of our partners ongoing journey.


Let's get started on your journey.

email US now at.

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